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Your complete transport and freight management solution provider

Skyway Transport Immingham, the UK road haulage specialists - provide a range of services to clients throughout the UK.


We can handle anything from 1 to 26 pallet orders for same day or next day delivery. We are able to quote and manage small or large contracts in any part of the country. We have the ability to provide logistic distribution services throughout the UK. Our professional and enthusiastic staff will ensure that your company’s products are picked, dispatched and ultimately delivered in a timely and cost efficient manner to suit both your company and the exacting demands of your customer.


There are a huge number of factors involved in operating an efficient road haulage company - on the one hand you want to provide your customers with the best possible service, while on the other hand you're trying to minimise the number of times vehicles return home without a load, you're constantly looking at ways to minimise road transport fuel bills and also CO2 emissions as well. Logistics technology helps us to run our road transport fleet as efficiently as possible, and we will continue to invest to maintain and improve all of our haulage services, for the benefit of our customers as well as the environment.


Flawless material, optimum handling, accurate information, unfailing punctuality and a competitive tonne/km price are the reason that more and more companies are entrusting their cargo to Skyway Transport- and we are fast becoming one of the most reliable and professional distribution companies in the UK. If you are looking for service, commitment and capacity - look no further.


Our clients span many sectors and industries and affect the entire supply chain:

  • Agriculture, FMCG, High Tech & Electrica.

  • Automotive, Food & Drinks, Health-care & Medical

  • Oil & Gas, Forestry and Marine

  • Industrial and Retail

If you are looking for a new transport and logistics provider, Skyway Transport provide nationwide logistics and distribution services and we would be interested in any transport that may arise within your organisation. If you require more information or wish us to review your logistics and transport, contact us on 01469 575656.